Day in Malibu

I am finally back from school in Utah, and home in California for the holidays. One of the very first things I did once I got home was head down to one of my favorite beaches in Malibu. I grew up going to this beach pretty regularly, and it definitely feels like home. The day we went down, the weather was pretty chilly and windy at my house, but I decided to go anyway (I figured any weather was better than the snow that I had been experiencing in Utah). To my pleasant surprise, it was one of the most beautiful days at the beach ever. It wasn’t too cold, nor was there a drop of wind. We even had the entire beach to ourselves. We ended the day with one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen! Pastels colors filled the sky and it was the perfect way to begin my Christmas break home.


Speaking of swimsuits and the beach…. these are the swimsuits I currently am dying for! I used to work in the swimwear department at Nordstrom, and it definitely made me addicted to buying swimsuits hahaha.

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